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Littlefield's Village Association - Meeting Minutes
Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Littlefield’s Village President, Shaun Dever, opened the meeting at 9:19 and welcomed the 60 villagers that were in attendance.  He announced that this was the 90th year anniversary of Littlefield’s Village, and was received with applause, oohs, and ahs.  

Shaun introduced the new board:  

  • Seasoned Veteran and current Treasurer, Paul Dynan.

  • New Secretary, Meghan Hurley

  • Incoming Vice President, Sean McCarthy

  • And himself, President, Shaun Dever

We took a moment of silence to remember all of the LV Campers that we lost in the past year.  

Meghan read the Minutes from the August meeting. Dan Cotter moved to accept, probably because Meghan actually read aloud the bad jokes he had included from the last term.  The motion was seconded, and then approved.  

Paul read the Treasurer’s report.  He stated that the Village is in a good financial situation, and went through the numbers. In preparing for this meeting, Paul looked through the funds from last year and found an unmarked envelope of cash.  Note to those who hand in money:  please tell him what the money is for!

The village just donated $100 to the fireworks association.  We asked them to have an “LFV” firework shoot up in a shade of green that Marlene has approved.  Artie motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report.  It was seconded and approved.

Message from the Littlefields:  

  • The Little Beach:  Please clean up your kayaks.

  • Water Boxes:  Please clean out your water boxes, as they tend to accumulate dirt, sand, and chipmunk babies throughout the summer.  Please make sure your covers are in good condition as well.  This will help Marlene turn off the water at the end of the season.  

  • Mowing:  Marlene mows all the lawns before the season begins, but for upkeep purposes, please make sure you mow your parking spot when you’re doing your lawn.

  • Railroad Ties:  Marlene is going to replace the old ones in the field on the side of the village this summer, and will replace the ones in the big field in the future.  

  • Oh, by the way, go 5 MPH around the village.  Duh.   


  • 50/50:  We handed out the tickets for the new season of healthy gambling. Christine Y. suggested having weatherproof lockboxes in front of the hall where people can leave their money if they aren’t going to be here.  Board says they will look into it.  Kirk says that he will hold the money, and then opens his wallet and looks around suspiciously.  

  • Candy Store: Shout out to Rob Sheridan who filled the candy store again this year.  The hall will open tonight! Make sure to sign up on the hall calendar to open the Candy Store during summer weeknights.  

  • Merchandise:  Due to the increasing amount of procreation in the village, we now have Baby gear… t-shirts, sweats, and also some stuff for the adults.

  • Boats & the Little Beach:  There are registration stickers down at the hall so you can tag your vessel.  This is helpful when your boats float away or your neighbors borrow it without you knowing.

  • Online:  We’re going digital, people.  Shaun continues to maintain the website,  Meghan minds the Social Media… follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Meghan has been sending out the emails… if you don’t get them, then let her know!

  • Halloween Display:  We thanked John Hurley for his awesome, award winning, display for this year.  People clapped.  


  • Hall Renovations:  Attention was drawn to the new floors of the hall, which are clean, buffed, and lacquered.  Shaun thanked everyone who helped, which not only included a handful of dads, but also a new crowd of youngens, including the junior Stantons, Dynans, Sheridans, Cotters, and others! It’s awesome to have a new crowd of helpers step up to the plate!

  • New Oven:  It’s coming in the next few weeks.  Bring your hall party cooking A-game.  

  • Little Beach Clean Up:  The weather is going to be terrible tomorrow, but next weekend the tide will be ever in our favor.  It was changed to Sunday, July 5th at 9:00 AM.  The more the merrier.

  • July 4th:  Mr. Sadowski stepped up to organize the July 4th cookout.  

  • St. Patrick’s Day in July: Bring your green to the party on Saturday, July 18th .  Christine Y. asks if Greeks are going to be invited?  After some hot debate, it was decided they would be.  

  • Bocce – Sat. July 25th, 12:22 low tide.  Mr. Hurley left a sign up sheet on the wall of the hall.  

  • Trivia Night – August 8th. Better start studying (EDIT: TRIVIA MOVED TO 8/1 - VARIETY SHOW ADDED 8/8) 

  • Outdoor Movie Night: August 22nd. Movie choice, TBD.

  • Exercise:  Mrs. Robichaud will be leading an exercise session on M/W/F at 9:00AM.  

  • Recipe Swap/ Pot Luck:  Christine Yemolakis will organize this event for July 11th.  Bring a dish, along with the recipe card. (EDIT: EVENT RESCHEDULED FOR AUGUST 15TH)

  • Paint Night:  Janine Chase will organize.  Steve Lavine, who created the Ninja Turtles, lives in Maine and would teach villagers how to paint a beach scene.  Cost will probably be $35/ person.  

Lorraine Bolger:  Do we have to paint our own picture?  

Janine:  Yes.

Lorraine:  Oh, yuck!

Christine:  Mom, there’s wine there.  

Lorraine:  Oh, ok.

  • Karaoke:  Mr. Hurley will organize.  Will be for both kids and adults. Date will be announced once the equipment availability date is known.  

  • Bunko Night:  Mrs. Sadowski will organize.  Meghan is unsure as to what this is… needs clarification on spelling.  Date will be provided at a later time.  <Secretary’s note:  Thanks go out to Mrs. Foley, who upon seeing my confused expression, explained what Bunko is after the meeting.> <President's Note: Bunco, Bunko, or Bonko are all acceptable spellings...just to let you know.> EDIT: SCHEDULED FOR 7/23, 8PM

  • End of Season Meeting:  Initially scheduled for August 29th.  Dave LaRonde motioned to change the meeting date to August 22nd, which was seconded and approved.  Mr. Dever called for revote.  31 yays, 4 nays (one of which being Meghan Hurley, who later shed tears and sulked for the rest of the day as she will not be able to be in attendance).  

  • Field Day: Sept 6th.  Hot dogs, competitive sports, costumes, fanfare, you know the drill.  

  • New Campers:  Two new campers were made to announce their presence.  Little do they know that they will be initiated into the Village by being forced to sing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears at the upcoming Karaoke night.  

  • Halloween:  Motion was made by Mrs. Dever to contribute to the Halloween display, Mr. Kennedy amended the motion to increase the donation from last year, it was seconded and approved.  $300 will go to the cause, and Mr. Hurley assures us that this year’s theme will be something very close to our hearts and our Ogunquit experience.  

  • Fire Extinguishers:  Ann Marie Clark brought up the possibility of the purchasing fire extinguishers for all the cottages.  It was decided it would be a large cost, and ongoing.  Mr. Hurley motioned to have the association subsidize fire extinguishers for those who intend to buy one.  The motion didn’t pass.  Instead we will purchase a fire extinguisher along with the new Hall stove, and do something around fire safety.

  • AED/CPR Class:  Mrs. Mello offered to run this on Thursday, July 9th at 8:00 PM.  She will put up a sign up sheet.

If you want a printed directory, let John Hurley know.  Paul handed out the 50/50 tickets for each section.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:10.