Meeting Minutes

Littlefield's Village Association Meeting - June 25th, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Littlefield’s Village President, Shaun Dever, opened the meeting at 9:23 and welcomed the 53 adult villagers and one baby villager that were in attendance. This meeting opens the 91st season of the village. Shaun insulted Marlene by insinuating that Marlene has been here for all 91 years. Really, if she has, I think she looks great for her age.

We took a moment of silence to remember all of the LFV Campers that we lost in the past year.

There was one new camper at the meeting this year, and the village is happy to welcome Mary Ryan into this crazy place.

Meghan read the minutes from the August meeting that she wasn’t in attendance for. And by “minutes”, I mean “a scrap of paper that contained a few incomplete sentences around Karaoke and Field Day.” Luckily there was a motion to accept the meeting minutes, despite their poor form, and it was seconded and approved.

Marlene and Kirk were in attendance, and had some important messages:

  • Renters: Marlene handed out a copy of the Renter’s Rules… yes, there are rules, people. If you don’t have a copy of them, let me know and I will send them to you. Please make sure you are renting to people you know and trust. And if you’re going to rent your cottage, don’t advertise it on our social media outlets. Word of mouth always travels faster anyway!

  • Trailers: The field is for cars. The little beach is for boats and kayaks. Neither of these places are for boat trailers, so please remove them tout suite.

  • Lawn care: When you’re out manicuring your lawns, take care of that parking spot too.

  • Water boxes: Clean them out! This will help Marlene in the fall when she’s turning off all the water.

  • Junk Metal: If you put something in the junk metal pile, please let Marlene know that it’s there.

  • Speed Limit: Y’all, it is 5 miles per hour out there. Spread the word. Tell your friends. Going slow is for cool kids.


  • Paul Dynan read the Treasurer’s report. He stated that the Village is in a good financial standing, and went through the numbers. Thanks go out to Larry and Irene Robichaud that keep the candy store cash box safe all summer. I’m sure Paul wanted to mention what a great job he did on spending exactly what we took in last year, but he is FAR too humble for that kind of self-promotion. The treasurer’s report will be posted on the hall wall for a few weeks.


  • 50/50: The buckets were handed out.

  • Candy Store: Thanks to Robbie Sheridan for continuing to make candy store purchases in the transition year. And thanks to Larry and Irene who have purchased the ice cream!

  • Boats/Kayaks: There seem to be more kayaks than campers these days, so please make sure to take extra care to moor your boats in a nice place out of the way of people crossing to the beach.

  • Email: Do you get LFV emails? If not, please give us an up-to-date email for you! And you probably won’t even know to do this, because you won’t get these minutes via email.

  • Halloween Display: It was motioned to continue to support the cause for the Halloween Display, which won first place last year for its Haunted Construction Scene. Last summer the Association contributed $300. There was a motion for a $500 donation this year, and it was seconded and approved.

  •  Hall renovations: A new coat of urethane went on the hall floor this season. All of our events this year are going to feel like they are being held on an exquisite ballroom floor.

  • Hall crap: There were still a few personal items left in the hall. Clean them out, lest they be auctioned off.

  • Library: The library cannot be a dumping ground for old books that are unwanted. There was a motion to build more bookshelves, but was denied. It was suggested that we may be able to donate the extra books to the library.

  • Little Beach Cleanup: 9:30 tomorrow. Bring your muscles and comfortable shoes.

  • Memorial Picnic: Saturday, August 13th. Mrs. Hay will provide sign up sheets towards the end of the month.

  • Trivia Night: July 23rd.

  • Outdoor Movie Night: August 26th. This year’s film TBD.

  • Summer Olympics: August 5th is the Opening Ceremony. Bring some bevs and come watch the event down at the hall on the big screen!

  • Bunco: Two Bunco tournaments will be held this summer, first on July 21st and then again on August 11th. Both of these days are Thursdays.

  • Bocce Tournament: The tides this year are making it difficult to hold a regulation bocce event, but we are going to hold this year’s tournament on July 30th(2:30 low tide). John Hurley will put up a sign up sheet, and will need some help keeping the court area free as the tides go out. We will also plan to have an après bocce party on the beach.

  • 4th of July BBQ: Thanks to Mr. Sadowski for stepping up to organize. It will be held on the 4th, which lands on a Monday.

  • Dance Bingo: Will be held August 6th.

  • Exercise: The ladies will be leading an invigorating workout tape on M/W/F mornings at 9:00 AM at the hall. Paul Dever cautions to not work out so hard that they wear out the new shine on the hall floor. Also, if you were the one that took the cables for the TV, please bring them back so that Irene doesn’t have to keep bringing them over from her house!

  • Adult Movie Nights: No, not that type of adult movie. They will be held on Monday nights at 8:00 PM, with the first one being held on June 27th.

  • End of Season Meeting: Will be held on August 27th. No changsies. Meghan plans to be in attendance in the hopes of maintaining a more legit record of minutes.

  • Field Day: Will be held on September 3rd. Get pumped.

Floyd Stevens motioned to adjourn the meeting. Chatter ensues. Floyd motions to adjourn the meeting again, and finally it was seconded at 10:05. The last time this happened was in 1996 when Floyd had to motion to adjourn three times before the meeting finally ended.

Have a great summer, everyone!   

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