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"We need to have a big dance tomorrow night."

posted Jun 26, 2015, 11:39 AM by Littlefield's Village Campers' Assn.
When Mrs. Dynan saw the Hall's floor this afternoon, she exclaimed, "Wow! Look at this. We need to have a big dance tomorrow night!"

Just a few days away from our first meeting of the year, a team of campers tackled the first of our 2015 hall renovation projects. We sanded, cleaned and finished the Hall's floor. The floor itself is a combination of fir and pine, and much like many of the cottages in Littlefield's, the Hall was built up and added onto over the years. The three different sections of the building are easily identified by the variations in the floor. Many have shared their stories of the Hall's early days. Larry R. explained that the candy store end of the hall was a men's bathroom for many years. Who knew!?

Paul Dever, John Scanlon, and Charlie Gifford deserve a huge thank you for their hard work. Additionally, we were lucky to have a young crew of campers work extra hard throughout the day. Bernie, Kaitlin, Jake, Harry, Matt B, Matt D and Hannah spent the morning cleaning, sanding, or scraping paint. It is great to see this young group step up and take on a project. Please thank them if you get a chance!

Check out some of the pictures I snapped in the moments that I needed a break from pushing a sander around.

See you at the meeting!