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"An Update from Mr. H"

Hello Campers! Another Summer has come and gone. Many Field Day pictures have been shared on Facebook. We’ll work to post them onto this site during the upcoming weeks. For now, please read the following message from Mr. Hurley below (cross-posted from e-mail):


Telephone/address Directory

I have attached(sent via e-mail) the latest updated directory for your reading pleasure in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download it free from Adobe at http://www.download-update.org/pd/313/26/ If you notice any mistakes that need correcting, please let me (Mr. Hurley) know right away.

 E-mail List Updates

Now that Shelley has retired, she will no longer be the main contact to update our e-mail list or distribute e-mails (Thanks Shelley for keeping the e-mail list accurate). Meghan Hurley is the new Association’s Secretary so she will be the keeper of the e-mail list. She can be reached at meghanhurley12@yahoo.com. The e-mail list is a derivative from the Directory. Until I  familiarize her with the e-mail file, you can send any changes to both of us.

 Halloween Display

I thank the Association for making a donation to help cover some of the expenses. It is greatly appreciated. This year we are trying for the third year in a row to win first place. Hopefully you will be around to vote for the Littlefield entry (You don’t have to like it - just vote for it). Voting will probably be open around the second or third week of October. I hope to have our display ready during the second weekend of October (10/11).

Last year people were very helpful providing props. So I am going to go the well again. This year’s display will be partially recognizable shortly but I am looking for some items to help finish it off.

Item 1 - Clothing. Any kind of exterior clothing for adult males and females. Shirts, hats, dresses, pants, shoes, tee shirts, jackets. The not so good clothes are better suited for what I need. I ultimately need to “dress about 10 subjects.”  If I use it, it will probably not be in a condition to return it.. If I don’t use it, you can get the items back. (Please do not clean out your closets, however, and use me as your local Salvation Army drop off.)

Item 2 - (toy) Guitar - I’m looking for an old guitar that belongs in the trash but you haven’t thrown it out yet. It does not have to work. This would be weather protected and returnable.

Item 3 - Toy saxophone, trumpet, or other reed instrument or something that might look like one of these items. It does not have to work. Once again, weather protected and returnable

And finally, does anyone have any contacts with a machine shop? I have a simple custom item to be made.

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy the finished product. Remember and try to vote (and vote often).

Thanks Mr. Hurley. Your spirit for this place excites us all!


Labor Day Weekend is here! The Association is always in need of volunteers. From hot dog cookers to raft movers, each and every person can do their part to make Field Day go off without a hitch!

**Field Day Raffle Donations: We are once again soliciting donations for the Field Day Raffle. Last year the raffle made just over $1000, which went a long way in defraying the cost of Field Day. We would like to have another successful raffle this year, so please let us know if you are able to donate an item to be raffled. Popular items in the past include gift certificates to local restaurants, iTunes gift cards, hand made craft items, etc. If you are able to donate something please drop it off at cottage #328 (Dynan) on Friday evening. Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Schedule of Events:

Friday, August 29th - Registration Night
7:00 PM - Field Day Registration*
9:00 PM - Bagging the goodies!

*Please come to Field Day Registration to pick up your lunch tickets, Littlefield’s Merch, and some final items from the Hall!

Saturday, August 30th - Field Day!
9:00 AM - Races Begin
12:00 PM - Bring in the Raft  
12:05 PM - Hot Dog Lunch
6:00 PM - Children’s Masquerade
9:00 PM - Adult Masquerade  (Rated PG!)
10:30 PM - “Social Gathering”

Sunday, August 31st - Clean Up!
10:00 AM - Hall Clean Up
10:00 AM - Sale of Leftover Goodies

Association Meeting Notes & Minutes

Littlefield’s Village Campers’ Association
Meeting Minutes - August 23, 2014

Littlefield’s Village Association President, Rob Sheridan, called the meeting to order at 9:23 am; 40 people present at this time. Lame good morning… Robbie had to say good morning twice. Dan Cotter read the minutes of the June 28, 2014 Campers’ Association Meeting. Paul Dever motioned to accept the minutes, Shelly Sheridan 2nd that motion. Everybody was in favor. Paul Dynan read the treasurers’s report. Paul thanked Larry and Irene for taking care of the cash box.  Minutes to the treasurer’s report were accepted.


Robbie thanked the volunteers.

Robbie mentioned that for several meetings he had expressed an interest in stepping down as president. If someone wanted to be president, they were instructed to approach the board. Robbie said that Shaun Dever has stepped up and was willing to be president. Shaun was nomintated and unanimously voted in as president. As of 2015, Paul Dynan will stay as treasurer, Meghan needs a new car (jokingly). Shaun shared that he had been recruiting for other roles (Sean McCarthy is the new Vice-president and Megan Hurley is the new secretary). Robbie told Shaun that the key to being president is volunteerism.

 Lori Clark thanked Shelly for all of her hard work during her husband’s term.


 Field Day:

  1. Robbie highly recommended that John Hurley continue to do camper check-in
  2. 2014 Master of Ceremonies: Dan Cotter
  3. Hot dog Cookers to wear thongs bring tongs!
  4. Mellos will continue with coffee and donuts
  5. Strong bodies are needed for raft and railroad ties
  6. Raffles and donations were explained and discussed

 Robbie said that he received a lot of positive feedback for last year’s “PG” adult masquerade. Sunday morning clean up was also discussed.

 Paul Dever suggested a $200 donation to John Hurley for his Halloween display. Passed unanimously.

 Paul Dever spoke about sanding the hall floors and the hall being painted. This is a project that will take place during the spring of 2015. Larry said the only thing on the floor has been corn meal. Larry’s favorite muffin is corn meal.

 A new stove was approved for the hall

 The meeting was adjourned @ approximately 10:15 AM.

A Big Weekend!

Calling all campers! The End-of-Season Association Meeting will be held THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 23rd @ 9:15 AM. This is an important meeting - we will plan for Field Day. In addition to our usual business, the current board is in search of new blood to carry on with their positions. Please join us at the meeting!

Furthermore, CALENDARS are on sale again this year. Please contact Shelly via email (shellysheridan@charter.net) or Facebook. Calendars must be pre-ordered to assure that all who want one will receive one.

Shelly is also in search of photos from the summer! Share your kids, your pets, your cottage, or your beach adventures!

Last, but not least, please join us for OUTDOOR MOVIE NIGHT on The Field: THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 22nd @ 8:15. We will be showing the 1991 classic: What About Bob? Free Popcorn and Lemonade will be available.

See you this weekend!

2014 Outdoor Movie Night: FRIDAY, August 22nd. 

2014 Outdoor Movie Night: FRIDAY, August 22nd. 

Estelle & Jerelle after the return of a wonderful tradition: The Littlefield’s Village Variety Show!
If you have pictures from this wonderful event, please e-mail them to Shaun or littlefieldscampers@gmail.com

Estelle & Jerelle after the return of a wonderful tradition: The Littlefield’s Village Variety Show!

If you have pictures from this wonderful event, please e-mail them to Shaun or littlefieldscampers@gmail.com

Combining the Ice Cream Social and Dance Bingo was awesome! Who can resist a sundae and the Chicken Dance during the same Village Event. Many thanks to the Mello Family for organizing such a great evening.

Hats off to the Mello kids for their Dance Bingo efforts. So much fun!

The Bake Sale was a lot of fun for those in attendance. Many thanks to Sarah, Hannah & their Bake Sale Crew! Great work ladies!

Congratulations to Dan & Rob: 2014 Littlefield’s Village Bocce Tournament Champions. 

Check out the results from each game in the bracket above.

Thanks John H. for your continued effort with the tournament!